ProductVaginal Douche

"You can start treating your patient with a Vagina Douche"


As an equipment to pursue women’s hygiene and freshness,
APRO-110 can give comfortness to patients and convenience to doctors.

You can clean inner vagina with Irrigation & Suction and treat patients by injecting solution through a spray.
Irrigation and Suction can be done at the same time with approprietly temperature-maintained distilled water.
Consequently, it is easy to remove Vaginal discharge or Candida inside vagina.
In case that Suction is needed from outside, this device can be compatible with other equipments.

This device has 2 spray handles. Betadine and solution that keeps PH can be passed through them to be sprayed.
As Solution can be sprayed in the type of the fine particle, it prevents from spreading over vaginal area to the perineal region.

This function can keep Speculums warm to make the speculum easily inserted and removes the patients' displeasure when it is inserted.

01 User's Comment

It is easy to remove vaginal discharge.
It is easier to remove vaginal plug infected by Fungal infection compared to the previous method.
Almost all infectious discharge can be removed at one time treatment.

It is easy to examine the cervix area.
It is easier to observe a cervix area because suction of vaginal plug doesn’t make the skin damaged.

It can spray Bacteriostatic agent all over evenly.
Ex) it can reduce the production of Bacterial vaginosis.
After treatment there is no leaking of agent in the the perineal region.

I could not examine the vaginal wall clearly when blood comes out.
However, I can have a precise examing by sucking & irrigating at the same time and do the healing process rapidly.

It is easy to operate the machine.

It does not make any difference in treatment by the skill level of the assistance.

It is easy for after-service and maintenance.

Simply the temperature of water and solution can be controled.


02 Technical Specification

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