ProductVaginal Douche

ARPO-110 (Therapeutic Vaginal Douche Apparatus)

VAGINAL DOUCHE Apro-110 maximizes space use of consultation room,
cleans vagina or uterine cervix, maintains optimum
heat of speculum fragrant, preserves PH and
spraying solution of a drug for treatment, and
comforts patients and doctor.

1. Irrigation and suction function will be worked the same time.
2. 2 Spray guns for rinsing/Cleansing vagina and spraying solution.
3. Warmer function to keep optimum temperature of speculum.
4. Vacuum suction installed.
5. Usable as a dressing car.
Easy to remove vaginal discharge
I can easily remove plug (by fungal infection) and completely remove infectious discharge at once. Healing process is very fast.

Clearly examine the cervix area
I can simply remove mucus plug from cervix area and then easily examine the area.

I can spray Bacteriostatic agent all over evenly and prevent the side effect from over-appluing on a certain area.
Over-applying may cause bacterial vaginosis.
After the treatment, there is no agent leaking from vaginal wall.

I could not examine the vaginal wall clearly when blood comes out.
However, i can have a precise examing by sucking & irrigating at the same time and do the healing provess rapidly.

Compact and easy to operate the machine.

It does not make any difference of treatment by the assistance.

Easy for after-service and maintenance.

Simply control the temperature of water and solution.

Air Pump - 2kgf/㎠
Suction - 680mmHg
Irrigation Power - 950 cc/min
Spray Device - Automatic, 2 Device
Speculum Warmer - Automatic, 4device, 100W
Irrigation Warmer - Automatic, 1device, 200W
Suction Bottle - 2,500cc
Classification : Protective class1, Type B
Dimension - 460(W)X32(D)X810(h)mm
Weight - Approx.35kg
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